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        Emergency Garage Door Service   Other residential garage doors with no security system would be an easier target for thieves and they can tell which ones to break into.  If they see that you have a garage door with LiftMaster or Genie rolling code security then that would most definitely make them think twice about infringe your property. Fountaintown IN Garage Door works with these manufacturers and can install a brand new garage door opener or replace/repair your old one. Rolling code security is a special feature on the garage door openers manufactured by LiftMaster and Genie. 
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Special Offers   This means that every time you press the buttons, the patterns rearrange right after to prevent theft.  Both the LiftMaster and Genie Garage openers also have safety systems built in with automatic reversing which is crucial for those of you that have children. 

These systems cause the garage door to reverse the moment it touches an obstruction in the garage doorway path.  They also have motion sensors with automatic lights that display the time and temperature for your convenience. 

        Garage Door Spring Repair
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For those of you that have small garages and space are crucial call Fountaintown IN Garage Door and inquire about LiftMaster’s Jackshaft Opener.  This unique opener is mounted on top of the garage door conserving space. Fountaintown IN Garage Door technicians will install a brand new garage door opener right away if you call us now.  Our technicians will also repair your garage door opener if you need it or reprogram your keypad, call Fountaintown IN Garage Doors now!
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